Cafe Expresso was established in 1997, after previously serving as a car shop called ‘Longlife’, by a lady named Sue, who brought the first of many of our regulars to our doors!

Since the the cafe has exchanged hands three times with Dean taking over in 2013 and has been here ever since, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the catering industy.

We pride ourselves on being different from the rest by using freshh, locally sourced ingredients, like our meat from Riverside butchers and bread from Glenmore Bakery, as well as our locally roasted coffee beans from Brazier in Wellington.

As well as this, we cook most of what you see today, from our wide range ofmouth watering cakes to our delicious breakfasts and lunches, here in our own kitchen, by our friendly staff who all have a passion for wanting to give you the best customer experience they can.

The cafe itself has undergone several redevelopments over the years, most notably with our new upstairs seating area which we completed during Lockdown in 2020.

We hope you  like what we have done with the place and enjoy your visit today!

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